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Summer Camp (June-August) 

​​The K&J Enrichment Program, LLC is located at 541 Bonanza Drive Suite 103 and is located in
the heartbeat of the listed elementary schools. We believe at K&J that every parent wants safe,
affordable, engaging, enriching, and opportunistic after-school care that makes growing up easy!
We pride ourselves on our social development plan, educational enrichments, and fun
atmosphere that will engage children ages 5-12.
Our social development plans entices kids to communicate effectively at their age level, and to
act responsibly in conversation, leisure and even outside of K&J. Social development may be
hard to understand for parents and kids but is important for the prosperity of future generations to
come. Our social development plan includes daily snack time, field trips, organized leisure,
multimedia outlets, and other small activities that develop kids into better kids, and future-ready
adolescents and adults.

Academic Enrichment

Educational enrichment is the foundation for the function of K&J. During our enrichment
program hours, there will be a certified teacher on staff that assists students with homework and
extends the classroom material from the North Carolina Standard Course of Study to our facility.
The teacher will also reinforce EOG Strategies, math and reading skills, and more items as they
arise. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. said it best: “The function of education, therefore, is to teach
one to think intensively and to think critically. Students show their biggest growth and mastery
of content outside of the classroom, and we would like to help your child do just that.

+ Literacy and Mathematics

+ Readers Theater
+ Book Club
+ Creative Writing & Journalism
+ Math, Science and Technology
+ Junior Achievement Enrichment


After-School Care

It is with immense pleasure that we take this milestone journey in education with you and
your child at the helm. K&J Enrichment Program, LLC is a company registered under the North
Carolina Secretary of State's office, that seeks to provide childcare in a nurturing, fun and
educational environment to the Cumberland county vicinity, area, and region; specifically,
schools that are nestled in and between Morganton, Bonanza, Cliffdale and Ponderosa roads.
Those institutions include Benjamin A Martin Elementary, Ponderosa Elementary, Cliffdale
Elementary, and Morganton Road Elementary.

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